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  • Corporate Culture
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    Customer Orientation

    We care about and prioritize the demands of clients and offer superior products and service based on good faith to set up good brand image and enterprise image and realize mutual benefits and win-win with clients.

    Safety and Sustainability

    We attach paramount importance to safety and environmental protection and honor our commitments to implementing clean manufacturing, practicing the circular economy mode and following the path of sustainable development.

    Our Team

    We attract and retain cooperative and aggressive talents with pioneering and innovative spirits and also provide better opportunities for self improvement.

    Our Vision

    We aim to foster sustained profitability and rank among Chinas leading enterprises as well as world-class high-tech enterprises specialized in silicone materials.

    Tel: 0713-8482569
    Fax: 027-88232753
    Email: admin@hbgyxcl.com
    Add: Guangming Road, Huangzhou Railway Station Economic Development Zone,Huangzhou District,Huanggang 438011,Hubei Province,China
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